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The Sanction: Counterterrorist Operative Jennifer Steele is Back, in a Blistering New Novel from Walter Blair. Thriller Fiction Has Just Gotten Chillingly Vivid…  


Having already taken the literary world by storm with ‘Presidential Approval’, Walter Blair is back, with heroine Jennifer Steele in tow, as readers are once again invited to glimpse into the lives of those who give everything to keep them safe. Steele is stoically mourning a family tragedy, caught in a confusing dilemma about her own future with the CIA as a Special Operative – yet still weighed down by her responsibility to keep New York City and its people safe. Fiction doesn’t get more real than this.


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Washington, D.C.  – While most new authors use their debut release to do nothing but simply test the literary waters, Walter Blair quickly proved that a debut novel is also an opportunity to rival a genre’s bestsellers. ‘Presidential Approval’ shot to critical acclaim and may well become a national bestseller, also introducing the world to Jennifer Steele, a heroine bolder and braver than James Bond could ever wish to be.

She is now back in volume two of her trilogy, ‘The Sanction’. Directly paralleling the real world, the new novel comes at a time when international terrorism continues to be rife, and thousands secretly work through their own adversity to keep the nation safe.


In ‘The Sanction’, Jennifer Steele, a CIA Special Operative, in the second book of this trilogy is as lethal as James Bond, but far more attractive. She is faced with a dilemma regarding her future as a CIA Special Operative juxtaposed with the sadness one would expect considering her family tragedy from which she still mourns. When duty finally calls occasioned by additional threats from terrorists who once again attack New York City, Jennifer and her team, consisting of Omar Washington, David Wilkins, and Juan Ramirez, are deployed into action which might very well claim their lives.

To complicate matters, Jennifer Steele reunites with the one man who could also hold the key to ending her loneliness and suffering. Is he the one?

While the CIA struggles to maintain the upper hand against terrorists who seek to destroy New York City, among other U.S. cities, Jennifer and her team are required to follow every lead, both national and international, to solve the problem and keep the citizens of the Big Apple safe.

In this thriller, the author presents Jennifer Steele in the second novel of the trilogy as a steadfast counterterrorist. The Special Operatives who make up Jennifer’s unit are tested beyond all expectations as time runs out for the residents of Manhattan. They are deployed to prevent a disaster that could exceed the ferocity and death-toll of 9/11.

“My first novel, ‘Presidential Approval’ did better than my wildest dreams could ever have imagined,” admits Blair. “It quickly picked up pace internationally, and truly may become a global bestseller. Jennifer Steele resonated extremely well with readers so I wanted to waste no time in bringing her back into their lives. This story once again mirrors the terrorism threats and activities running rampant in the real world. The final installment ‘Project H₂O’, is two years away. See it as a cocktail of fact and fiction with a grey area that can be extremely hard to recognize.”

Continuing, “I’m presently at my writing desk completing a gripping novel titled ‘West Point’. The story takes readers to Germany where a very attractive colonel, Jane Sherwood, disappears after a night out on the town with five male officers also stationed at the U.S. Military Base in Frankfurt.  Jane is never seen again.  Now back in the U.S. all five of Colonel Sherwood’s fellow officers are murdered one after another. The one thing they all have in common with Jane Sherwood is that they were all once cadets at West Point Military Academy. Stay tuned, because this mystery thriller is coming into your hands sooner than you think!!”

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Walter Blair practiced law in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, winning significant cases including the landmark immigration case embedded in U.S. v. Paul Russell, cited by the Supreme Court in Padilla v. Kentucky, 2340 S. Ct. 1473 (2010). In that year he began to write fiction and nonfiction books. The author was educated in London, England, then New York where he completed a Bachelor’s Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz. He then completed a Master’s Degree and Law Degree from Howard University in Washington, D.C. He maintains his permanent residence in the D.C. metropolitan area.


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