The Sanction


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Blair book cover The Sanction

In THE SANCTION, Jennifer Steele

is faced with a dilemma regarding her

future as a CIA Special Operative

juxtaposed with the sadness one would

expect considering her family tragedy

from which she still mourns.

When duty calls occasioned by

additional threats from terrorists to once

again attack New York City, Jennifer

and her team, consisting of Omar

Washington, David Wilkins, and Juan

Rimarez, are deployed into action which

might very well claim their lives.

To complicate matters, Jennifer

reunites with the one man who could

also hold the key to ending her

loneliness and suffering. Is he the one?

While the CIA struggles to maintain

the upper hand against terrorists who

seek to destroy New York City, among

other U.S. cities, Jennifer and her team

are required to follow every lead, both

national and international, to solve the

problem and keep the citizens of the Big

Apple safe.

In this thriller, the author presents

Jennifer Steele in the second novel of the

trilogy as a steadfast counterterrorist.

The Special Operatives who make up

Jennifer’s unit are tested beyond all

expectations as time runs out for the

residents of Manhattan.





Blair book cover The Sanction


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